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costa bean bag lounger

How to Add Seating to Any Room With Bean Bag Loungers

For most people, the words “bean bag chair” bring to mind images of brightly coloured (mostly deflated) sweaty pleather sacks shoved into the corner of a dingy and chaotic room….

bean bag bed

5 Reasons why you need a bean bag bed

Ever since the 1960s, bean bags have been an important piece of furniture for communal spaces. But now the technology has advanced to the point where they are also a…

leather bean bag

A guide to buying leather bean bags online

If you’re looking to buy a new leather bean bag, it makes sense to browse the options online. These days, there’s no shortage of ways to buy these bean bags…

do bean bags float

How to Choose the Best Pool Bean Bags

More and more people are choosing bean bags over inflatables when it comes to relaxing by the pool. If it’s an investment you’re looking to make too, you’re probably looking…

large adult bean bags

Five Tips to finding the best Adult Bean Bags Online

So many people are now turning to bean bags as the most comfortable and appealing form of seating for the home, and who can blame them? If you’re also interested…

gaming bean bag

What to look for in the Perfect Gaming Bean Bag

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in a gaming bean bag over the alternative seating options open to gamers. If you’ve decided that the extra comfort…

organic bean bag filler

Find the best organic bean bag filler online

Bean bags were originally filled with, you guessed it, actual dried beans. Nowadays it can be a little more challenging to find organic bean bag filler for your favourite comfy…

durable bean bags

Durable bean bags, do they exist?

There are so many types of bean bags on the market it can sometimes be confusing to choose the best material and style for you. It all depends on practicality…

bean bag for backache

Finding The Right Bean Bag To Alleviate Backache

Backache is a problem faced by people of all ages and is a tricky one to navigate. There are several options out there to treat backache, but some can be…

environmentally friendly bean bag chair

What To Look For In An Environmentally Friendly Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are becoming more popular as more research is done into the benefits they can provide their user. But often, when looking for bean bag chairs, it becomes…

Are bean bag beans recyclable?

Are Bean Bag Beans Recyclable?

Beans bags are known to be a casual type of seat for lounging. They became popular in the 60s and 70s. Now, they have become a popular piece of furniture….

bean bags for school library

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Bean Bag In Your School Library

Bean bags for a school library are a must-have feature. Because let’s face it: the school library isn’t most people’s favourite place to go. Adding beanbags is a great way…