5 Trendy Bean Bags We Can’t Stop Talking About in 2019

Trendy bean bags
Bean bag chairs were first invented in the 1970s by an Italian furniture company. First, it was made of leather; then was changed to vinyl for better comfort and affordability. Despite that, bean bag chairs fell out of favor and didn’t make a comeback until the 2000s. Today, they’re as hot as they were before. This comfy chair is still a novelty to many people, and because they come in so many sizes and designs, they’re more popular than ever. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should buy this type of furniture and some of the trendy bean bags on the market today.

Why Buy Bean Bag Chairs?

You may take a look at these mushy pieces of furniture and be sceptical about how they hold up when compared to traditional wooden chairs and sofas.

But the fact is, technology’s made leaps and bounds since the first bean bag chair was made decades ago, which means they can be surprisingly ergonomic!

Read on for some reasons why you should consider bean bag chairs over traditional furniture.

They’re Comfortable

With some chairs, you may sit for hours and feel your muscles cramp up and get sore. You’ll feel pain all the way from your lower back to your neck and shoulders.

Like we said above, you might be worried about bean bag chairs doing the same to your body, but in actuality, they’re very ergonomic. If they’re filled up correctly, then the bean bag shouldn’t sag. Instead, they’ll mold to your body and support you in all the right places.

As a result, when you sit for long periods of time while gaming, doing work, or other activities, you won’t even notice the hours go by. Bean bag chairs are just that comfy!

They’re Affordable

Another great thing about bean bags is they’re very affordable. Most start at under $50 and even the larger lounge bean bags cost around $150 or less.

This means you can furnish a house, apartment, or office without spending a fortune.

They Look Cool

Traditional furniture can look a bit bland, even if you go for more contemporary styles. If you’re trying to make a space look more lively and fun, bean bag chairs are always a good choice.

Because bean bag chairs and lounges don’t have sharp corners, plus they come in vibrant colors, they can make your home or office look more inviting. It gives a casual appearance that no other regular chair can match.

They’re Versatile

You may think bean bags are only limited to indoor use, but you’d be wrong! Since many manufacturers use different materials for their products, you can also buy some to use outdoors. For example, you can use some to float along in the pool.

You can even purchase some for your dog to lay down on! The entire household can enjoy these comfortable bean bags.

They’re Durable and Easy to Clean

A worry you may have when purchasing bean bags is how durable and easy to clean they are. Thankfully, the answers for both are positive!

With high-quality bean bag chairs, they’ll last for years. The outdoor ones even come with UV 50+ protection so they don’t become sun-faded quickly.

As far as cleaning goes, it’s very simple. All you have to do is remove the outer cover and either throw it into the laundry machine or handwash it.

Now that you know the benefits of buying them, here are 5 trendy bean bag chairs you should consider if you want to pick one up for your home or office.

1. Cocoon

The Cocoon is exactly as it sounds; it’s a one-person bean bag chair that envelops you in warmth and comfort when you sit down in it.

This 41-inch bean bag uses faux suede, which is so soft you’ll easily doze off in this chair. Not only does this material feel fantastic, but it also provides a touch of elegance for the room you place it in.

It also has a dry cleanable cover, removable inner liner, and childproof zippers, so if you have children in the household, you won’t have to worry about them getting into your bean bag chair.

This chair comes in multiple solid colors, such as red, charcoal, blue, and pastel pink. Do note that this bean bag is for indoor use only; if you try and place it outside, the microsuede may get damaged.

The Cocoon comes in at just under $100, which makes it very affordable for any budget.

2. The Cloud

The Cloud is another personal bean bag chair that’ll have you feeling like you never want to get up from it. As the name suggests, the bean bag chair looks like a cloud and also feels like one.

It’s made of faux fur, which means you can enjoy the look and feel of fur without feeling guilty. Unfortunately, The Cloud only comes in one color (gray), so if you want more choices for shades, you may want to look to the other options on this list.

Like the Cocoon, The Cloud has a dry cleanable cover, childproof zippers, and removable inner liner.

This bean bag chair also comes in at just under $100 for the smallest size of 104 cm, so here’s another affordable option. The largest is 120 cm and it costs just under $200.

Do note that this bean bag doesn’t come with beans though, so you’ll have to purchase that separately.

3. Costa

For those of you who want to have an outdoor bean bag, the Costa is for you. This vibrant bean bag lounge is big enough for two people, so you and your friend or partner can kick back and relax together while sitting by the pool or on the lawn.

The color schemes for the Costa are definitely interesting. It’s striped white and you can pick from blue, lime, orange, and yellow. All are reminiscent of hot summer days by the beach, which will definitely make for a great aesthetic.

This bean bag lounge is made of 100% solution dyed acrylic that’s water repellent. Also, it has a UVPF score of 50+, which means it’ll stay bright for years to come.

Despite being a large bean bag lounge, the Costa is surprisingly lightweight. This means if you need to move it from place to place, it won’t be such a strain.

The Costa also comes with childproof zippers and a removable inner liner.

This bean bag lounge costs around $249.

4. Portsea Premium

The Portsea Premium will allow you to float around in your pool in style and luxury. This is a roomy pool bean bag that’s a great addition to any home or commercial property.

It’s made of an olefin acrylic fabric, which allows the bean bag to dry quickly as well as last longer. The cotton fabric used is treated to resist microbes and fading.

For the colors and styles, you can choose between stripes and solid colors. They include charcoal, coral, lime, charcoal, orange, or just plain white.

What’s great about the Portsea Premium is when you’re not using it outside in the pool, you can drag it inside for use indoors as well.

This bean bag costs around $199. Do note that beans aren’t included with this one, so you’ll have to purchase your own.

5. Freaky Cousin

This one’s for the kids. The Freaky Cousin lets your kids sit comfortably without straining their necks or backs. It’s made in a shape similar to a teardrop for maximum style and comfort.

Seeing as kids are prone to being klutz, you’ll be pleased to know that the Freaky Cousin’s made of water and stain-resistant material. It’s super durable to withstand rough play.

If your kids do manage to spill things on the bean bag chair, the cover is removable and you can just throw it straight into the wash.

The colors you can choose from include red, brown, light gray, charcoal, and black.

The Freaky Cousin can be used both indoors and out. You can even have your company logo custom printed on it!

This bean bag chair costs around $50. It doesn’t come with the filling, so you’ll need to purchase that on your own.

Consider These Trendy Bean Bags for Your Home or Business

As you can see, bean bag chairs are a fun and cozy way to perk up any home or office. With any of the trendy bean bags above, you can add great decor without breaking the bank.

So think outside the box when it comes to your furnishings. Consider getting a bean bag or two to make your space different and unique!

Ready to pick up a bean bag chair for yourself? Then take a look at our selection now!

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