How to Add Color To A Room Without Painting

add color to a room without painting

Do you immediately feel intimidated by a person who is wearing red clothing? Does gazing at a blue sky make you feel happy and calm?  Let the Psychology of Color Work for You! See how easy it is to add color to a room without painting.

The power of color to shape our moods and influence our thoughts and actions is impressive. Although there is no definitive proof that a particular color can produce a universal result, humans have been successfully using color to produce various psychological and even physical effects throughout history.

How Various Colors Affect the Mind and Body

  • Blue is one of the most attractive colors. It produces a calming effect, and it is regularly used in bedrooms, hospitals, and medical offices. Some believe that it soothes pain and helps the body heal. Fashion experts tell job seekers to wear blue to interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. Workers are more productive in blue rooms than rooms in other colors. Because it doesn’t occur naturally in many foods, blue is one of the least appetizing colors. It’s a poor choice for restaurant decor.
  • Red is an emotionally intense, invigorating color that can increase heart rate and respiration. It demands attention. Those wearing red clothing are noticed quickly in a room. Considered a confrontational and aggressive color, red is not ideal for negotiations. Red cars are often targeted by thieves. Red is also a powerful appetite stimulant; decorators often choose red for kitchens and restaurants. Pink, the combination of red and white, produces a contrasting effect. It’s a romantic and tranquil color that causes a loss of energy and stamina.
  • Green is a favorite color that symbolizes nature and vitality. It reduces eyestrain and creates a refreshing, calm environment. Like blue, green is a popular choice for hospitals because of its relaxing effect. Green plants added to a room make people feel comfortable and more open to human interaction.
  • Orange is warm, sensuous, vibrant and stimulating. It is believed to increase energy levels and inspire affection and playfulness.
  • White is associated with innocence, purity and sterility. In some cultures, white symbolizes grief. Because it reflects light and makes spaces appear larger and more open, white can produce feelings of optimism and reduce feelings of confinement.
  • Black has both positive and negative emotional connotations. While it is often associated with death, evil or submission, it also implies power, intelligence, elegance, and sophistication. When used moderately in decorating, black can be a mysterious and intense element that sharpens mental focus and alertness.

Renovate Your Room and Your Psyche with Bean Bag Furniture

Renovating your space is a perfect opportunity to harness the psychological influence of color, and our selection of bean bag chairs and loungers has everything you need.

A red chair can make a powerful statement in your game room.

Choose a bold pink kid’s chair to brighten your daughter’s bedroom. If you own a business, you can use color to put employees and clients in the right mood.

Add red, green and orange chairs to create an appetizing atmosphere in a restaurant, or choose blue and green furniture to make a waiting room more serene.

Beyond Color: Our Quality Products

When you order from Bean Bags R Us, you get more than comfortable furniture and stylish colors; our quality products are built to withstand heavy use, rowdy kids, playful pets and the ravages of nature.

Our bean bag chair covers are made from a durable, soft woven fabric that resists stains, fading, and moisture. Versatile, lightweight and easy to store, bean bags offer the ultimate in quality, convenience, and luxury at an affordable price.

Easy Maintenance and a Long Life

Accidents happen, but you can clean our water-resistant bean bag covers with a moist cloth. A childproof bean bag zipper on each product ensures that rowdy children can’t spill its contents so that you can avoid a major clean-up.

Store your product in a dry area away from direct sunlight when it’s not in use. With proper care, your bean bag will provide fluffy comfort for many years. Refilling is easy; when you’re ready, just use a paper clip to open the bean bag zipper.

Choose a Hue and Set a New Mood Today

If the dull, neutral colors in your home leave you feeling flat, or your business environment lacks personality, adding new color with a huge bean bag could be the solution. Visit our online store for inspiration, and let the power of color start working wonders for you. We hope you will add color to a room without painting with our easy tips.

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