Bean Bag Chair for the Win: 10 Stylish, Space-Saving Dorm Room Ideas

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On the list of top things to know before moving into a dorm room, figuring out what you can and can’t decorate your room with are at the top of the list. So we figured putting together a list of dorm room ideas would help solve all your problems!

Whereas in the past you could really only choose from a few rock band posters and a shaggy rug, the options for cute dorm room ideas are endless now.

However, there’s a lot more to designing a cute dorm room than simply adding a cute plush bean bag. You’ll want to think about how to optimise your space, too.

Here are ten of our top picks for stylish ways to save space in your dorm room.

1. Bean Bag Chair for Moveable Furniture

Okay, so we’re a little bit biased, but we wholeheartedly believe that no dorm room decor is fully complete without a bean bag. Bean Bags are also ideal for a school library.

When you have friends over to your dorm room, it’s pretty hard to fit two or three extra chairs on the small floor space you have.

Bean bags are perfect for these kinds of situations. They’re cosy, comfy, and you can move them around easily without getting in the way of other furniture.

Want to rest in your floor’s lounge or study hall? Bring your bean bag!

Need an extra bed for someone to crash on your floor? Put two bean bags together and you’re all set! The options are endless and plus, they look really cool.

2. Lofting Your Bed for Added Space

If your dorm room layout permits it, then you should definitely look into lofting your bed. Lofted beds allow you to gain so much space.

In fact, it’s like you’re living in a dorm room that doesn’t even have beds.

You get to enjoy the feeling of sleeping high up off the ground while having all of that space below your bed to use for storage or literally anything else.

Fill the extra open space with the big bean bag we mentioned above. Or, add a mini-fridge for extra convenience.

3. Furniture That Is Multi-Purpose

Dorm room decor ideas on Pinterest and other social media platforms usually feature ridiculously cute chairs, ottomans and bedside tables.

There’s no clutter in these photos. Want to know why? All of it’s hidden inside of that furniture!

To save space in your dorm room, purchase furniture that’s multi-purpose. A few ideas include:

  • Ottomans with hidden storage
  • Chairs that double as shelves
  • Pull-out desk/table/chair combos
  • Hidden chairs that form a desk

Really, with the ingenuity of today, the options are endless.

The point is that by purchasing multi-functional furniture, you’re going to save a lot of space in your dorm room.

4. Hanging Organisers for Added Storage

As a college student, you might find it hard to stay organised. This is pretty normal, and with the little space you have in your dorm room, it’s totally understandable too.

You need to save space wherever you can, which means purchasing lots of hanging organisers.

Buy one organiser for your closet. This is a great way to store socks or shoes on the inside of your closet door without taking up precious floor space.

Then, buy one for your bed. A bunk bed caddy is a great way to store necessities up off the ground while still staying organised.

This is especially helpful if you sleep on the top bunk, as it makes it easier for you to store things without having an actual bedside table.

5. An All-in-One Printer

Okay, so this item is just as much about functionality as it is about saving space.

Most college dorm rooms offer each student a desk. But, with all of your books, notebooks, pens, and a lamp, you’re not left with much space to work with.

An all-in-one printer is going to save you so much money and hassle in going to the library to print. And, it’ll save you space.

Instead of having to purchase a printer, scanner, and more, you can use an all-in-one device.

It’s best to look for one that works with Bluetooth. This way you can print directly from your laptop or phone without even getting out of bed.

6. Shadow Boxes with Key Hooks

When it comes to dorm room decorating ideas, shadow boxes are all the rage.

They offer a cute and unique way to show off photo memories while also giving you space to store things on the shelves inside.

This is a great way to save space as you can hang photos while also saving precious shelf space to store more important things, like your books.

As an added plus, try purchasing or making shadow boxes that come with key rings or shelving hooks on the bottom.

If they’re sturdy enough, you can use them to hang jackets and coats from.

7. Poofs Instead of an Accent Rug

We know. This kind of doubles as a bean bag, but we want to stress the multi-functionality of large bean bags, which people sometimes refer to as poofs.

A huge bean bag cushion is more than just a chair, it’s a decorative piece of furniture that adds a whole lot more to a room than an accent rug.

You can do things like meditate on it, sleep on it, play video games on it, and simply use it as a cushion to walk or sit on rather than a small rug.

Try it and see the reactions of your friends when you move back into the dorm this fall.

8. Window Fans for Chic Cooling

If you live in a tiny dorm room with more than one other person, then chances are that it’s going to get hot.

Instead of wasting precious floor space, try purchasing a window fan instead of a floor fan.

While these are sometimes a little hard to find in Australian home decor stores, you can construct your own if you need to.

It works on a simple intake/outtake system, pulling the hot air out and blowing cool air back in.

Not a fan of window fans (pun intended)? Try purchasing individual small clip-on fans for each bed. Clip these to the headboards of each bed instead of purchasing a floor fan.

You get more controlled air while also freeing up space on the floor for more activities.

9. Essential Oil Diffuser for the Right Ambiance

When you’re dreaming up college dorm room idea, definitely factor in the need to create a living area that feels spacious.

Factor in an essential oil diffuser into your budget and search for the right kinds of essential oils to help you relax while you study.

If you live in a particularly cramped dorm room, this might help you feel like you’re living in a space that’s less cluttered than it is.

Diffusing lemon, tea tree, lavender, rosemary, and peppermint can all help you feel like you’re living in a clean space. This will, in turn, help you feel like your dorm is a bit more spacious than it actually is.

Not only that, but it will improve your mood.

So, when your roommate starts chewing her food really loudly or watching Friends at 2 am on a Tuesday night, you won’t feel as upset about it.

10. Bed Risers with a USB Charger

If you aren’t allowed to lift your dorm room bed, then don’t feel like you’re out of dorm room ideas.

Instead, look into using bed risers to help raise your bed just a little bit off the ground. These will usually help lift your bed just enough so that you can store suitcases or under-bed organisers.

It might not seem like it’s going to help that much, but if you get the right kind of organisers for underneath your bed, then you’ll definitely be able to increase your storage space by a whole lot.

Look into organisers that roll out to make things easier to reach.

Or, make it a point to store all of your books and school supplies under your bed to make more space for cooler things, like that bean bag you’ve been eyeing since the beginning of the school year.

Adding More to Your List of Dorm Room Ideas

Once you move into your dorm you’ll be able to better assess the situation and see what else you need to do in order to increase or save space.

Talk with your roommate about what kind of dorm room ideas you both like and can agree on. This is a great way to save money and to ensure that you’re both happy with the layout and design of your room.

Gradually start to add more to your list of must-haves and try to optimise your space as much as possible. Learning how to stay organised will help you with this.

The most important tip of all, though, is to relax! You’re working hard and you deserve a break in a space that feels comfortable.

Take a look at our bean bag lounges to find a lounger that fits your dorm room style and your personal taste. Or visit our website to find a big bean bag chair like no other!

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