What Are The Best Bean Bags For Outdoors?

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This year’s weather has been bizarre. From record low temperatures in parts of the USA to record heat waves in Australia, changing weather patterns have left people around the globe scratching their heads. One thing that won’t change is the popularity of outdoor entertaining. Whether they want to lounge by the pool in summer or explore snowfields in winter, consumers look for products to make their adventures more comfortable and convenient. Our line of the best bean bags offers the perfect solution no matter what the weatherman reports.

Comfort in the Winter Cold

There are few things less comfortable than sitting outside when all the available seats are ice-cold.

To reduce the chill factor, lounge in the comfort of one of our premium outdoor bean bag loungers and chairs.

Not only will it be warmer than metal, wood, or plastic seat, you’ll be sitting comfortably in luxurious softness. Bean bag chairs can make your favorite winter activities more fun.

They’re portable, weather-resistant solutions for camping, outdoor festivals and shows, sporting events, and romantic stargazing on clear winter nights.

We even have bean bags for dogs to keep frosty paws off the ground.

Summer Lounging and Floating

In the summer, bean bags are must-have accessories for the entire family. Everyone loves the beach, but lying on a towel or hard-surface lounge for extended periods of time is uncomfortable. Instead of continually shifting in discomfort, relax your muscles on a bean bag, so you can fully enjoy the sun and the sights and sounds of the ocean.

Our bean bag chairs and bean bag loungers are also perfect for hanging out by the pool, and our bean bag floats can even go into the water with you.

You don’t have to inflate them, and they’ll never go flat. They won’t slip from underneath you, so you’ll feel more secure in deep water. A special drain fabric on one side allows quick and easy drying, so your float stays sanitary. For summer cookouts and parties, you can’t beat the comfortable, colorful charm of bean bag seating.

How Can a Bean Bag Weather the Great Outdoors?

Our outdoor bean bag range is the best on the market; all products are built to withstand the elements with proper storage and care. Our extra heavy-duty fabric is four times as thick as the standard material used by most manufacturers, so it’s more resistant to high and low temperatures.

For a long life and reliable performance, always store your bean bag product away from direct sunlight when you’re not using it. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can fade the fabric’s color. Covering your bean bag and storing it in a dry, enclosed place protects it from dirt, acid rain, toxic chemicals, mold, mildew, and insects. When it’s needed for a pool party or a ski trip, your properly stored bean bag will be like new. It’s impossible to avoid all dirt when you’re using a product outdoors, but the bean bag is resilient and easy to clean. If it becomes soiled, the cover can be cleaned with mild detergent, water, and a soft-bristled brush. Most of our outdoor bean bags are resistant to cats pee.

Find the Right Bean Bag for Your Outdoor World

A versatile, attractive bean bag float can transform your outdoor sanctuary with indoor comfort. Adults and kids of any age will enjoy reading, studying, socializing, and enjoying nature’s beauty in the plush softness and relaxed style that no standard chair or lounger can offer. Check out our range of styles and fabric colors to find the perfect bean bag to complement your pool, your patio, or your personality.

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