Bring the Beach Home: 8 Inspirational Beach House Decor Ideas

beach house decor If your bank account hasn’t quite stacked up for you to purchase your dream beach home, that’s okay. You can still come away with the beach house decor and atmosphere you love, even if you’re not willing to enter crippling debt to do so.

With waterfront home values spiking up to a median of $10 million in some regions of the US, not all of us can snag the perfect beach home while still awaiting our shot at the jackpot.

For $10 million, you can buy a whole lot of bean bag chairs!

Here are our top eight tips to help you create the perfect beach-inspired house with excellent beach house decor!

1. Anchor Down a Color Palette

One of the most crucial aspects of beach home decor vibes is the color palette those vibes are built upon. To channel the ultimate beachy-feel, choose wisely!

Consider a mixture of off-whites, blues, and grays. Stick to a soft, neutral palette that gives the same sort of feel you get when stepping out into the gorgeous summer sun for the first time all day.

Try to decide on three or four beach-washed colors that’ll comprise the majority of your color scheme. From there, you may decide to incorporate small pops of color from plants or other little decorations–but for true a beachy scheme, stick to a color palette you could bring in straight from the shoreline.

2. Open it Up

A major thing that makes the beach such a beautiful and freeing place to be is the amount of openness, space, and brightness it offers. When it comes to channeling the beach inside your home, you’ll want to seek these same qualities!

Open up your windows to shed all possible light on the space. If you’re partial to curtains, invest in some airy, sheer ones that you can still pull back when you’re ready to flood the room with light.

When it comes to the furniture and other decors in your space, take care that things don’t become too crowded. Leave plenty of space for maneuvering–and for the fresh sea air to breeze among your furniture!

3. To Wicker…Or Not to Wicker?

Yes. Wicker. Lots of wicker.

Not only does wicker furniture and decor usually come complete with soft, natural, beachy coloring–it gives off a really natural beach feel that can serve as a focal point of your decor. Wildly popular in many upscale beach resorts and homes, wicker accents are a total must when it comes to a complete and well-thought-out beach theme.

Wicker furniture comes in a wide range of patterns and styles, so you should have no problem at all finding the perfect piece for your beachy style.

4. Add Distressed Finishes

Think of all the homes you’ve ever ogled at as you walked along your favorite shoreline. Lots of weather-worn shakes, distressed shiplap, and bold wooden features, right? If you’re after a genuine beach-feel when it comes to your home decor, you’ll want to incorporate loads of these distressed finishes!

Consider installing an accent wall of shiplap paneling or distressed beach wood. Is there a place in your home to add a natural wood beam or post? Can you refurbish that old coffee table to look deliciously sea-torn?

In the midst of the soft color palette you’ve chosen for your home, distressed finishes will stand out as bold statement pieces that really reflect the landscape of your favorite beaches.

5. Choose Soft, Worn Fabrics

We’ve done a lot of talking about distressed, natural finishes in your beach-themed decor scheme, but this trend doesn’t stop with the wooden pieces in your home. For a truly beachy feel, you’ll want to incorporate several soft, worn fabrics throughout your space.

Think of that old beach towel you loved as a kid. And what about the gloriously soft netting piled at the bow of the ship? Think bright and airy sails that fill with the wind along the water. Bringing in soft, white, airy fabrics into your home provides a sense of contrast with the distressed solid finishes, not unlike the contrast between a beach’s sand and waves.

There are few softer surfaces than a good bean bag chair–consider incorporating a soft, cozy bean bag chair for lounging.

6. Bring in Bold, Beachy Pieces

We’d be kidding ourselves if we said anyone could ever achieve a truly beach-vibed home design without bringing in a certain amount of bold, beachy design elements.

Things like seashells, washed-up hunks of sea-softened wood, and nautical objects like anchors and hooks are essential to a beach home. Consider tacking beach-themed artwork and other beachy finds up in a wall collage or scattering them strategically along with a bookshelf display.

Try not to go overboard with this tip. Choose a few bold beach elements that will hold their own!

7. Hang Your Favorite Beaches

When it comes down to it, there’s no rival for the real thing. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of living in full view of our favorite beach. The next best thing, however, might just be making a move to hang loads of photos of your favorite ones!

Make a project of it. Take the family to its favorite beach for the day–everyone equipped with a camera or phone–and take loads of photos of all the things you see.

Go home and choose your favorites, then print them out and hang them in a wall collage with gloriously mismatched nautical, distressed frames!

8. When in Doubt, Go Neutral

When working to establish the perfect beach home decor, it can be tempting to go a little overboard. But remember that, in the end, less is always more! Don’t be afraid to go neutral.

Start with a clean, quiet color palette and work your way from there. Consider the things you love most about the beach, the things that make you love beach houses so deeply. Keep things simple.

If your home design makes you feel relaxed and warm, you’ve done it right. Oh, and you may want to add a bean bag chair as a finishing touch!

Want More on Beach House Decor?

Getting the perfect beach house decor doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend millions of the perfect beach house. With some careful and simple design tricks, you can bring the beach right to your living room! Why not purchase a bean bag float for the pool?

For more on how to strike that perfect beachy vibe and cozy up with a good book in a bean bag chair, check out our page!

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