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organic bean bag filler

Find the best organic bean bag filler online

Bean bags were originally filled with, you guessed it, actual dried beans. Nowadays it can be a little more challenging to find organic bean bag filler for your favourite comfy…

Are bean bag beans recyclable?

Are Bean Bag Beans Recyclable?

Beans bags are known to be a casual type of seat for lounging. They became popular in the 60s and 70s. Now, they have become a popular piece of furniture….

bean bags with beans

How To Remove Beans From Bean Bags

Bean bags can be an incredibly fun and functional piece of furniture. Yet, a lot of the time, people may think that they are more casual and fun than anything…

buy beanbag filling online

Where to Buy Bean Bag Filler in the United States

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of bean bags are sold online and shipped flat-packed without the beans. The reason beanbags are shipped without the beans is…

beanbag filling canada

Where Can I Buy Beanbag Filling in Canada?

Finding a supplier of those little white beans used in beanbag chair covers is not always an easy task! The volume of EPS Polystyrene beanbag filling makes it horrifically expensive…