Chic and Spunky: 9 DIY Home Office Decoration Ideas

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We know that working from home comes with its own challenges but the myth that remote workers are less productive might ring slightly true if your home office isn’t conducive to your productivity.

DIY home office ideas are pound plenty, but we’ve got what you need to help with productivity, relaxation, and helping your creative juices to flow.

Don’t let your workspace be boring and dreary. Create a DIY home office that’s fit for a king (or queen) with these 9 stylish tips.

1. Display Your Motto

One of the greatest ways to inspire yourself is to decide on your favorite quote. Whether it be a work-related motivational quote or a lifestyle inspirational quote, think of one that really makes you want to get up and seize the day.

Carpe Diem!

Now you’ve got a few ideas, consider placing it in a place on your wall so that you can see it every morning when you walk into your home office. You can display your motto in numerous ways, have a large canvas printed in your favorite spot. If canvas printing is a bit out of your budget, you can have it printed on large format card and laminated.

Or, if you’re a bit artistic, pencil the quotation straight onto the wall and buy a thin paintbrush and paint it onto the wall yourself.

2. Integrate Your Favorite Colors

What better way to create a DIY home office that is inspiring to you than to do it with your favorite colors. If you’re a lover of neutral colors then you can paint each wall a different color.

Or perhaps you’re more of a rainbow-loving, hippie by heart, then don’t be afraid to create a space that is bright and colorful.

Consider the home office space that you have, perhaps it isn’t a self-standing room and it’s more of an open-space vibe, you can bring in colors without painting all the walls and changing the look of the entire space you’re in.

You can do this by repurposing your desk, computer chair, and your accessories. If your desk is a bit old, give it a refurbishment and paint it some bright colors.

Color is something that completely affects our moods, so know which color brings out which emotion before you move ahead.

3. Add Unique Furniture

Working from home is ideal because you have the means to work, play and relax without ever leaving the comfort of your four walls.

Adding unique, quirky furniture to your home office will allow you to do this in your office, so you can stay in the zone and not get completely distracted.

Imagine how cool an office bean bag chair in the corner of your office would be, knees up and a cup of coffee in your hand. You can analyze the progress of your day, look out your window and collect yourself before heading back to your desk.

4. Go Crazy With Office Supplies

Not only is having the right office supplies conducive to having fully productive days, (there’s nothing worse than having to get up halfway through a brainstorming session to fetch a piece of stationery you need), but it’s such an awesome accessory to be able to add to your DIY home office.

Color is a great medium for finding your happy, productive space. Blue colors affect your mind, yellow affects your emotions and green affects your balance. Use these colors to your advantage and create yourself a well-organized, color-coded office space.

Blue is a color associated with efficiency and communication, so it might be a good base color to start with when shopping for all your new, awesome office supplies.

5. Enhance Your Natural Lighting

There’s probably nothing worse than a blinding headache as a result of glaring at a laptop screen all day, or those super-bright fluorescent tubes creating artificial lighting for your home office.

There’s one surefire way to beat this.

Consider using a space within your home that has unparalleled natural lighting, look for the largest window in your home, or perhaps near to your glass, french doors.

Good lighting is such an important element of a well-designed office. Even with all the bells and whistles, colorful bean bag furniture or even the funkiest stationery supplies, your office space will mean nothing if your head is pounding under artificial light.

Natural lighting is always the best way to go, it also helps to show the colors in their most natural form and removes glare from objects around you. So fill your DIY home office with as much natural light as possible. (Not to mention the flow of fresh air from outside which is great).

6. Add a Bookshelf

Having a small bookshelf in your home office not only looks great but it also provides a stimulating way for you to be able to take your small breaks. Grabbing your favorite novel off the shelf, stretching your leg and being able to switch off for a few minutes is fantastic for your mental wellbeing.

Put some of your personal favorites on your new bookshelf, as well as a few businesses and personal development books.

If you lack the space to put up a bookshelf, then look into getting a small table next to your bean bag chair and pile a few of your old favorites on it.

7. Go Floral

Flowers and indoor plants are like happiness in a pot. Flowers are a great way to add a pop of color to your home office without redecorating every time you feel like a change, and change is as good as a holiday!

Flowers also bring the feeling of the outdoors, inside, so you’ll feel a touch of nature while you tap away at that keyboard. Put a few vases around your home office, and if you don’t have enough desk or counter space, then consider getting a larger free-standing pot with a large green shrub in it.

We know that fresh flowers can get a bit costly over time, so if you lack the extra money, then you can purchase a few different fake flowers that you can keep changing over time.

8. Declutter Your Home Office

This one is not necessarily a decorating tip but it is so important to having a home office that really stands out. You need to declutter as much as possible.

We know that it can be tough because you need so many things at your disposal to be productive, but having piles of papers, files, and boxes lying around will not only clutter the space, but it will clutter your thoughts as well!

Take 5 minutes every morning when you walk into your office and put away things that you don’t need that day. You could consider getting a small storage box that fits in with the theme of your office and pack unneeded items away for the day or the week ahead.

Doing this will have your home office space looking and feeling clean and fresh.

9. Productive Decor Ideas

Dropping a ball or missing something important is never fun, and it’s not good for your working from home mind space.

You can do two things!

One, look into purchasing a whiteboard or chalkboard for yourself. Here, you can put your to-do list up at the beginning of the week, and have it just a glance upwards away from your desk when you need to consult how far you are from your weekly or monthly goals.

If you don’t have space to put one up, then simply paint a small black square onto one of your walls where there’s space, and write with chalk straight onto the wall. You can actually purchase blackboard paint that will allow you to do this properly.

The second thing you can do is purchase a great wall-calendar that can help you to keep track of your goals at a monthly glance. It’s also a great way to bring your personality into your home office space, whether you love horses or snowy landscapes, there’s a wall-calendar out there for everybody.

Realize Your DIY Home Office Dreams

Now you know everything you need to realize your DIY home office visions, you can create a space that totally speaks to you as well as sets the scene for productivity and great workdays.

Remember, you need to keep your home office as its own space, treat it as if it’s a building that you leave to every, single day. It’s great to be able to stand up and grab a coffee as and when you please, but you’ll spend too much time outside your office if the space isn’t one you want to spend loads of time in.

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