Cool Gift Ideas: 9 Unique Home Decor Christmas Gifts

cool gift ideas

A flannel shirt, some car wash coupons, new headphones, and candy. That pretty much sums up a classic holiday season gift haul, doesn’t it? While those are all respectable gifts, it can get mundane giving and receiving the same things year after year.

But we all know the feeling of disaster when you pick out a unique gift, and you watch the person’s face fall as they inevitably think, “What am I going to do with this?” Finding the balance between “cool gift ideas” and “gifts that people will use and like” is tough.

That’s why we did it for you. Home decor gifts are perfect since they can be easily added to a home and they can be personalized for each’s style.

As the holiday season approaches (believe us, it will be here before you know it), think about getting these nine cool home decor gifts.

1. Wall Art

It was acceptable in college to only have a few posters, and maybe even having bare walls in your first apartment. But after that, bare-walled home looks cold and somewhat sad.

Not everyone thinks to purchase the art on their own, which makes art an excellent gift for the holidays. Think about what your loved one enjoys and use that to influence your gift.

Do they love camping and nature? Get them an awesome landscape photo of a national park.

Are they a bit quirky? Scour thrift stores and flea markets for some interesting abstract or vintage paintings.

Are they a movie buff or a video game fanatic? Commission an artist to create a movie or video-game inspired drawing.

2. Cool Piece of Furniture

Don’t worry: we aren’t telling you that you don’t have to go out an buy a thousand dollar sofa for your friend from work. But you can find cool furniture items at affordable prices.

Think a cool ottoman from the consignment shop, or even that exciting glass end table your saw at a local boutique.

It’s also Christmas-time, a time where everyone feels like a kid again. Why not find the best bean bag chair to fulfil their childhood dreams? They’re pretty comfortable and stylish, too, so it will get plenty of use.

3. Cocktail Set

There are hundreds of unique cocktail sets out there that are both practical as well as decorative. There are video game themed sets for your Zelda-loving cousin, sets made to look like chemistry flasks for your smart friend, and fancier sets for your friends who love to throw dinner parties.

4. Candles

Candles are another gift staple around the holidays but don’t settle for the everyday “Christmas Pine” scent that everyone’s gotten before.

Look for exciting and customized candles. There are candles to fit every theme, including things like:

  • State-themed candles
  • Zodiac sign candles
  • Birthstone candles
  • Customizable candles
  • Literary-themed candles
  • Dungeons and Dragons candles

Want to be funny or prank your good friend? Look for “stinky” candles. There are scents like garlic, nacho cheese, car fumes, body odor, and more.

While your loved one might not want one of those smelly candles, they’re great decor items and conversation starters.

5. Lightbox

These you’ve probably seen all over Instagram and Tumblr: little light boxes that you can spell out messages on. They’ll usually say things like, “Stay Positive!” or “Mornings? Not without my coffee!”

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Here are some examples.

But the fun thing about these light boxes is that they go with almost any aesthetic, and they’re fully customizable. Your friend can spell out any message or quote they want on there. They could make it motivational for their home gym, or an inside joke for their “man cave,” or something funny to prank their roommate.

6. Ornaments

You might think decorations are a gift that is exclusively used around Christmastime. However, if you get the right ones, your loved one can display them all year as a decorative item.

Avoid the classic Christmas themed ones like candy canes, Santa, etc. They’re sure to already have a bunch of these types, and they won’t work as a decor item besides in December.

Look for handmade ornaments that are almost like little sculptures. Ones made of metal are particularly cool looking and will look good all year displayed on mantles or even as trinkets on a bedside table.

7. Cloud Lamp

Cloud lamps are exactly what they sound like: lamps that look like clouds. The light part of the lamp is situated behind what looks like a fluffy cloud. When you turn on the lamp, it looks exactly like when the sun goes behind a cloud on a perfect spring day.

8. Coat Rack

Coat racks might seem old-fashioned, and that’s probably because you’re thinking of the vintage, clunky, dark mahogany ones seen in almost every movie pre-1980.

But you can upgrade everyone’s idea of coatracks by getting an interesting modern one. They have minimalist metal coat racks, coat racks designed to look like miniature trees, and more.

9. Fishbowl Sculpture

A dull old fishbowl isn’t going to wow anybody (especially not the fish). Look for fishbowl sculpture to up the fishbowl game and add an exciting art piece to your friend’s home.

Some of these sculptures make the glass look like it’s melting or like it’s been molded to a wooden stand, like this one.

9 Cool Gift Ideas: Which One Will You Pick?

Sometimes the toughest part of the holiday season is deciding what gifts to get all of your loved ones. In this case, however, the hardest part is going to be resisting buying all of these cool gifts for yourself. You may also be looking for gift ideas for lake house owners.

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