How to Make a Game of Thrones Bean Bag Chair

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Does your home have a comfortable throne? If you’re a fan of the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones,” you may have already heard about a crafty fellow named Isabell Kiko.

Upon reading that the show’s famous Iron Throne is “not a comfortable seat,” she decided to challenge that notion. And make her own bean bag version of the ruler’s great chair. While watching several seasons of the show, she crafted the incredible bean bag work of art.

It wasn’t Kiko’s first attempt at making her own seating arrangements. She made a bean bag chair for herself previously. So she already knew how amazingly comfortable they are. Merging the ideas of razor-sharp instruments of death and cloud-like comfort, Kiko designed an impressively accurate and fully detailed bean bag throne. One that would be a far more fitting reward for an exhausted king than a cold metal seat with jagged, protruding blades.

What Is the Iron Throne?

game of thrones bean bag chair “Game of Thrones” is based on the fantasy novel “A Game of Thrones,” which was first in a series called “A Song of Fire and Ice” written by American author George R. R. Martin. In the series, the Iron Throne is the seat of kings who rule the Seven Kingdoms. It is also a term used to describe the king’s authority.

The coveted yet uncomfortable throne was created by Aegon I Targaryen, the first ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. It is made up of thousands of blades forged by the breath of Balerion the Black Dread, a great dragon. A monstrous structure made from twisted metal and known to cut or even kill those who sit in it, the Iron Throne was definitely not designed for leisure time.

The Iron Throne seen by the show’s viewers does not accurately represent the author’s vision. In the books, it was made from thousands of swords, not hundreds. Such a structure would be nearly impossible for set designers to create because of its massive size. However, the smaller but equally intimidating throne used on set has made quite an impression of its own; resin replicas sell for $30,000.

Crafting an Iron Throne Bean Bag Masterpiece

Creating a soft, comfy bean bag that looks scary and sharp enough to represent the formidable Iron Throne was quite a challenge. But the artist pulled it off brilliantly. She even created an online tutorial so that you can make your own Iron Throne bean bag chair.

According to Kiko, you’ll need some paper, a good sewing machine, gray canvas material, foam, zippers, paint, bean bag filler and a lot of free time. Preparing materials and painting the fabric were the most time-consuming tasks for Kiko.

The images of swords were painstakingly painted onto the fabric by hand. If you would like to skip the painting, you can have fabric printed with your own designs instead.

Many online fabric stores offer custom printing services. To conserve additional time and effort, Kiko recommends getting someone to help you. When you’re ready to tackle the project head-on, you can find her complete step-by-step tutorial here.

A Simpler Way to Gain a Comfortable Throne

We can’t grant you a kingdom, but if you want to watch your favorite “Game of Thrones” episodes in blissful comfort without the need for sewing skills or artistic talent, just order one of our top-quality quality bean bag chairs.

Made with durable material that stands the test of time, our chairs require no planning, cutting, painting or stitching. And they will never draw blood. Just choose an awesome color that matches your decor, fill your bean bag chair with polystyrene beads, plop it in front of your television or monitor, and enjoy watching bloody battles and beheadings without ever lifting a finger.

Choose from stylish chairs like our Big Boppa or Cayman. Or rest in luxurious, soft faux fur with our Snow White bean bags. If you want to personalize your own comfy throne, we can screen print your name or logo onto your bean bag chair. So none of your household enemies will dare try to conquer your living room kingdom. Weapons, armor, capes, dragons and cable fees are not included.

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