How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture care tips

Outdoor furniture can be beautiful, and most people are proud to display their new pieces at all times. However, outdoor bean bags, chairs, benches, tables and all other types of outdoor furniture require the proper care to keep them looking new. Today we discuss how to clean outdoor furniture.

Many consumers are oblivious to the fact that outdoor furniture requires so much care and attention to keep it looking new.  Often, people assume that because the furniture has been treated in some way that it is bulletproof.  While this may be true to a certain extent the furniture will be affected by the elements. Despite being protected against the elements and harsh weather conditions,

Many types of outdoor furniture are water resistant. Some may have a weather coating. But direct sunlight, heat, humidity, wind, dust air-pollutants and rain will eventually get through the barriers. Thus reducing the lifespan of the furniture and promoting the growth of mould.

The Casual Outdoors

While outdoor bean bags are very durable and water resistant, they are not immune to weather damage and mildew, and it is easy to let this fact slip your mind.

However, it helps to think of bean bag furniture as an investment. And like any investment, you want to protect it against deterioration and harm.

Because bean bag chairs are simple in design, they cannot easily be refurbished or repaired. Once nature has its way with them, replacement may be your only option.

The outdoor lifestyle is a casual one, and because of this, many people do not treat their outdoor furnishings as gently as other types of furniture. During the summer, you may use your furniture for lounging near the pool while covered in oil, lotion or sunscreen.

Additionally, if you are sweating, your natural body oils may come into contact with the cushions or covers, which creates an environment conducive to the growth of mildew and other moulds.

Hard Furniture vs. Soft Furniture

With hard furniture, several care options exist that are not available with soft furniture. Such as bean bags. Wrought iron can be protected with rust-resistant primer, and rusted areas can be sanded and powder coated to keep the furniture in new condition or to restore its original beauty.

Wooden furniture can also be treated with a protectant, such as a varnish so that it doesn’t become dry, cracked or waterlogged. Even wicker furniture can be coated with a resin or other protectants to keep it in top condition. However, the best way to protect outdoor furnishings is to bring them indoors when they are not being used.

Soft furniture includes bean bag chairs for adults, fabric-covered pieces and furniture with pillows or cushions. The number one way to protect these items is identical to that for hard furniture: take it indoors when not in use or, at the very least, during inclement weather.

Another important care technique is to keep the furniture clean at all times. This will do wonders in preventing unsightly mildew and possibly dangerous mould to grow. Additionally, you may want to consider using a protective coating to help keep the furniture from staining and from fading in the sun. Visit our blog for further information on how to clean a bean bag.

Poly-Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Synthetic and poly wicker outdoor furniture is more easily maintained than natural wicker furniture. It has the advantage of being mould resistant and fade resistant. Most poly wicker furniture utilises an aluminium frame to make it light-weight and rust retardant.

To keep your Poly wicker outdoor furniture looking new, we suggest covering it when not in use. Before placing covers on your outdoor furniture, always ensure the furniture is dry. It is worthwhile having custom covers made if you can’t find any stock items that will fit. Covering any outdoor furniture when not in use will dramatically increase the product’s lifespan.

If you need to clean your poly wicker furniture, first use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt, dust or cobwebs. You can also then use a hose or pressure washer to thoroughly wash it.

If you want to extend the life of your furniture, flash it with an ultraviolet protective automotive detergent. You can also spot clean your furniture with a mild dishwashing detergent mixed with soapy water and a sponge.

Proper Cleaning

When food, beverages or other substances spill on the furniture, it should be cleaned immediately with warm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. Ideally, you should use water that is low in mineral content because some minerals can cause unsightly stains. If the spill is difficult to clean with a cloth, you can use a soft-bristled brush.

After the spill has been removed, the furniture should be rinsed with fresh water and thoroughly dried. Never use household cleaners on your furniture. If it is made of vinyl or other synthetic materials, these cleaners may cause it to become brittle, reducing the piece’s lifespan.

In addition to cleaning spills, it is also helpful to clean the furniture regularly, depending on how often it is used. If you use it rarely, once per month may be enough, but when it is used daily, it should be cleaned weekly. However, different materials have different care instructions, so you should always consult the cleaning instructions on the tag or in the information provided when you purchased the furniture.

Care Tips

The following tips will extend the life of your furniture, help keep it clean and reduce the risk of mould:

  • If your furniture gets wet, dry it as soon as possible.
  • Remove debris from trees and other plants.
  • If your furniture remains outside for extended periods, use furniture covers.
  • Do not use the furniture outdoors during the winter.
  • Don’t place the furniture directly onto rough surfaces, such as concrete.
  • Definitely, do not jump on the furniture.
  • Keep pets away from the furniture. If they like it, buy them bean bags designed for pets.

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