How to Reduce Back Pain With a Bean Bag Chair

bean bags help reduce back pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), approximately 31,000 people in the United States experience back pain at any given moment, and more than half of all working adults will experience back pain at least once during the year. So it’s worthwhile finding out how to reduce back pain.

To make matters worse, most of these cases originate non-organically, which means they are not the symptoms of a medical condition or disease but of bad mechanics.

Doctors agree that it is possible to prevent or reduce back pain through proper ergonomics, and one of the most ergonomic types of furniture is the bean bag chair.

Back Pain Prevention and Treatment

Treatment for back pain costs American consumers $100 billion each year, but doctors state that the best way to treat this symptom is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Following are a few suggestions from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on how to prevent lower back pain:

  • Maintain a healthy weight – A diet high in fat and calories leads to weight gain, which can put excess stress on the back.
  • Exercise regularly – Regular exercise will keep your weight in check and help to strengthen your back muscles.
  • Apply ergonomics – Ergonomics is interacting with the world in a healthy and safe manner.

Using ergonomically designed furniture is a great way to prevent or reduce back pain. Most chairs and sofas do not conform to the natural shape of the body which places stress on muscles, joints and the back leading to episodes of mild to severe pain. If the ergonomics are not sufficiently corrected, the discomfort could lead to chronic conditions that require expensive, long term treatment.

For those who already suffer from lower back problems, ergonomic furniture can help to reduce the pain and discomfort. However, specially designed furniture can be expensive, and it is not always aesthetically pleasing. One solution to this problem is to use alternative types of furniture that are naturally ergonomic, such as beanbag sofas and chairs.

Ergonomic Furniture

The Mayo Clinic and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) both advocate ergonomic furniture for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

However, ergonomic furniture is not easily obtained, and even OSHA admits that people must be trained to use it properly for the benefits to be realized.

To be ergonomically sound, standard chairs must be adjusted to the proper height for each individual, and if the chair does not offer lumbar support, accessories such as pillows or cushions must be placed behind the small of the back. If these accessories are not available, extra effort must be exerted to keep the proper posture.

Such problems can be resolved with beanbag furniture because these pieces are naturally malleable and conform to the natural shape of the body, but once they are properly formed, the cushioning is stable enough to retain its shape while being used.

Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs

Although most people see beanbag furniture as a novelty, it can be amazingly comfortable and therapeutic. Beanbag furniture is also very affordable and looks attractive when positioned properly and accompanied with matching décor.

These sofas and chairs are perfect for retro or minimalist rooms and can enliven empty spaces. At the same time, they promote proper posture, which can reduce back pain.

Properly filled beanbags are some of the most relaxing pieces of furniture available. This is because the filling supports the body in its natural positions, which ensures that no parts are affected by undue stress. No matter a person’s specific size or body shape, the beanbag adjusts to create perfect support, which helps to reduce pain and minimize the risk of injuries.

In addition to being medically sound, beanbag furniture is also affordable to purchase and maintain. A quality beanbag can alleviate backache and can last several decades. While traditional furniture, especially pieces at the same price level as beanbags, need to be replaced every few years. Usually because the cushions become deformed or the springs become misshapen.

Back pain is a serious issue in the United States, but it can be prevented or reduced by following the recommendations of physicians and medical researchers. Ergonomic furniture is one of the best solutions for this problem, and among ergonomic furniture, very few types hold all of the benefits of small bean bag chairs.

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