How To Remove Beans From Bean Bags

bean bags with beans Bean bags can be an incredibly fun and functional piece of furniture. Yet, a lot of the time, people may think that they are more casual and fun than anything else. When looking to buy bean bags with beans, it’s important to make sure that you have made the right decision. It’s safe to say that you’ll have a lot of set needs when you’re looking for seating. So you’ll want to make sure that you are able to make the best choice. And to do that, you need all the facts.

If you’ve never bought or owned a bean bag before, you may want to ensure that you’re making the best decision. And that means knowing as much as you can about this style of seating. You may have many questions, such as how comfortable is the seating, where you can put them, and how you remove the beans. And that’s very normal. So to help you understand more about bean bags and whether they are right for you, we’re going to detail everything here for you now.

What Are Bean Bags With Beans?

First of all, you might want to make sure that you know exactly what bean bags are. You may or may not be aware that bean bags are a style of seating. You may think that they are casual furniture pieces that you can place throughout the house. But they can be formal seating – especially if you have a different style.

Essentially, bean bags with beans are chairs. They’re often used as extra seating options or for something casual and relaxing in a living space or bedroom. Whether you want a relaxing chair to read in or to add something comfortable and cozy to a child’s bedroom, you can do that with a bean bag chair. However, before you decide to go ahead and buy, you may have questions or want to know a bit more about them.

After all, if you’re going to invest in a piece of furniture for your home, you’ll want to know that it’s right for you. That might mean that you want to understand the benefits of bean bags or how you can get one of your own. You may even want to know how you can style it and then also, how you are able to remove the beans from the bag too. So let’s get started.

What Makes Them Great?

Maybe you’re not sold on why you, or whether you actually do, need a bean bag. So it helps to understand the benefits and what makes them great. There are many positives to a bean bag chair. And if right now you’re feeling that they’re not for you, you’ll be glad to know that they make perfect chairs.

Whether you’re searching for seating for the outside or something for your living space, bean bags can be perfect choices. As a great alternative to traditional seating that can be uncomfortable and ridged, bean bag chairs are incredibly comfortable. There’s nothing like relaxing on one while reading or watching a movie. They’re also very versatile and can be moved from room to room should you wish to enjoy the comfort all around the house.

Why Buy A Bean Bag?

Now, you know a little more about why they’re so great, and now you need to understand what makes them so essential around the home. There really is such a wide range of ways that you can benefit from buying a bean bag chair – or several. They look fantastic around the home, and that’s always a huge selling point for people. They are great when you want to add a level of comfort or character into a space. Maybe in a den or bedroom.

Next up, you’re going to want to appreciate the comfort that you can get from a bean bag chair. Sometimes, you need to have extra seating – particularly for special occasions. But you don’t always want to have formal seating stored around the house. Maybe you don’t have the room. But if you have bean bags elsewhere in the house, you can then bring them into a space and voila, you have extra seating that’s incredibly comfortable.

Finally, you’re going to have to admit that bean bags do look extra cool too. They add a certain funky or relaxed or boho vibe to space. So when you want to create an area of calm, they’re great to go with.

Where To Put Your Bean Bag

The next thing that you might be thinking is where you’re going to actually put your bean bag. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house and you need to decorate every single space or you’re trying to get a better understanding of the versatility of bean bags with beans, you’ll learn a lot in this section.

First of all, you’ll be glad to know that you can style your bean bag in just about any location in the house and it can look fantastic. Adding a bean bag to your entryway can give an instant calming look to your house the second you walk in. Likewise, choosing to place a bean bag in your kitchen can make it feel more relaxed and give you someplace to rest between cooking.

Now, let’s run through some of the most popular locations around the house.

Living Area

To begin with, you’ve always got the living space to work with. Bean bags are very comfortable chairs and they’re perfect to lounge around in watching TV or reading. So, it makes sense for you to pick one out to style within your living space. You could even pick out a whole set for a snug room that you want to have very calm and casual vibes.


Next up we have the bedroom. Now, this could be your master suite, or it could be guest bedrooms. Either way, bean bags look great in the bedroom. Sometimes you just want a casual chair to fit inside the room. Something to rest at or store things on. And bean bag chairs can be a perfect casual alternative to anything structured.

Kids’ Room

Kids love bean bag chairs. But what they love more is chairs available in their size. Maybe you don’t want to have to go with a boring and basic looking plastic table and chairs set or you want to make sure that you can get something that is the right size for them? Then it’s safe to say that opting for a children’s sized bean bag chair is just perfect.

Pet’s Room

Do your pets have their own room? Or maybe they sleep in the living space, kitchen, or your room? Either way, they need a bed, don’t they? Why not opt for a bean bag dog bed? Yes, that’s right, you can also get a dogs bed made out of beans that they can sleep on. Whether they have their own room or not, this can look super stylish anywhere around the house.


Finally, you can also put your bean bag furniture outside. Yes, you heard that correctly. Bean bag collections are made for the outside as well as your interiors. Whether you want chairs to style on the patio, to lounge on in the garden, or anywhere else, there are bean bags to suit your needs. And not only that, but you can also take the bean bags to the pool too – as we have specific style models that were made to float in the pool!

How To Style Your Bean Bags With Beans

Now, maybe you’re wondering just how you would style a bean bag chair if you were to get one? When you’ve only ever had traditional more structured furniture, it may feel like a huge change to then deal with something more casual and cozy. However, many of the key interior design principles that you know and love still apply. And you’ll be glad to know that styling your bean bags is a lot easier than you think.

You’ll always want to think about the style of the space and what kind of bag is going to work best in it. Do you want to work with a traditional bean bag chair that is shaped like an armchair? Or maybe you want more of a lounge that can be relaxing? After you’ve thought about the style, you’ll want to consider the right size for the space so that it fits comfortably but isn’t too overbearing. You’ll then want to pick from one of the many gorgeous colours to ensure that your bean bag suits the space and really compliments your décor and design scheme.

How To Remove The Beans

Now, one of the biggest questions that bean bag owners and potential buyers can have, is how you are able to remove the beans. Maybe you want to clean the bean bag or store it away? Then you’ll find that you might need to remove the beans. When purchasing bean bags with beans, it’s important to know how the beans are put inside and how they can be removed too. So let’s run over that now.

This is a job that you’ll want to do with another person as it can be a little tricky to do alone. This is also something that you should do away from any children or pets as they could pick up the beans and ingest them. A final note before beginning is to make sure that you are away from things like fans or air conditioning units that can cause these lightweight beans to roll away.

  • Start by cleaning the indoor surface that you’re working on – hoovering up any dirt.
  • Make sure that you have a plastic bag to pour the beans into and a funnel. If you don’t have a funnel, you can make one out of cardboard or something like a plastic bottle.
  • To empty the beans, you’ll need to take the plastic bag (that is big enough to house all of the beans – ideally double the size of the inner bag), and tape it to the funnel.
  • Then you need to open the bean bag cover by using a paper clip to undo the safety zipper.
  • Next place the other end of the funnel inside of the inner liner bag, tightening the zipper around the funnel.
  • Now that the funnel is secure and tight, you can safely and slowly empty the beans out of the bag.

After this process is finished, you are free to clean the bag, move it, store it, or whatever you want to do, and then reverse the process to fill it back up again.

How To Buy A Bean Bag

If at this point, you are certain that you’d like to be able to buy your own bean bag chair or a range of chairs, you’ll want to then go through the process of purchasing. With our website, it couldn’t be easier. Simply browse the styles and pick out what you want (more on that in the next point), select your chosen colour and the quantity and add it to your cart. Then you can proceed to the checkout with your styles and make your order final.

Choosing The Perfect Style

Last but not least, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to choose the perfect style of bean bag for your needs. As you can see from our wide collection of incredible designs, there are so many styles to choose from. So where do you start? Once you’ve worked out where you want to put your brand new bean bags and how you’re going to style them, you need to choose the design. Simply browse through our fantastic styles and choose the look, size, or specification that suits your needs the most. And don’t forget to call us or reach out if you have any questions or need help deciding!

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