Squeaky Clean: A Complete Guide on How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

how to clean a bean bag

The average American encounters thousands of germs in their homes every single day.

If you have kids or pets, then you’re no stranger to germs. Regularly cleaning your house is a big part of being able to prevent germs from spreading.

However, most people clean the standard surfaces of their home and forget about the smaller areas or items, like bean bags.

Yes, they can carry germs, just like any other piece of furniture you have. So, it’s time to learn how to clean a bean bag. Follow these simple steps for a squeaky clean bean bag chair that your kids and family can enjoy.

Choosing the Right Bean Bag Fabric

What’s inside of a bean bag chair? Well, it depends on the company you buy it from.

But, most bean bags contain little pellets inside that are usually made of PVC beans or expanded polystyrene. What’s most important, however, when choosing a bean bag is to think about the fabric you’re going to select.

This is important, as it not only adds to the overall aesthetic of the chair, but each fabric is also going to require its own sort of cleaning and care.

It’s best to invest in a bean bag with an extra removable cover, as this is going to make it so much easier for you to wash the fabric without risk of damaging the bean bag. It’s also just a lot easier for you in the long run.

So, while your kid might like that trendy fur bean bag chair, you’ll want to think twice before buying it. Make sure you know beforehand how to clean it properly so it looks as cool in months as it does when you first see the photo of it.

Keep in mind the kind of lifestyle that you and your family lead. If your kids are very active, or if you have pets that shed a lot, then choose a bean bag chair fabric that’s more water-resistant or easier to clean.

As mentioned, removable covers are the easiest to clean. However, you might also want to invest in an indoor/outdoor bean bag so that it’s water-resistant and easy to move indoors and outdoors during the summer.

Materials like suede and faux fur are going to be harder to clean, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Keep reading for tips on how to clean each kind of fabric.

How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

It goes without saying that investing in quality is going to, first and foremost, help you save time and money on cleaning.

Bean bags with double stitching, overlocked seams, and high-quality fabric will ensure that you can clean the bean bag as many times as you want without worrying about damaging it over time.

If you’re going to buy an outdoor bean bag, then you’ll want to ensure that fabric has UV protection so that it doesn’t fade or wear easily.

Waterproof bean bags should be easy to drain and dry. But, the best of all is a washable bean bag. These come with inner liners that you can remove so you wash the cover.

Most people wonder – can you wash a bean bag? If it’s got a removable cover, then yes!

So, think you’ve figured out what kind of bean bag you’re looking for? Here’s how to wash the various different kinds of fabrics you might be selecting.

How to Clean Removable Cotton Covers

Again, you can wash a bean bag if the cover is removable. But, learning how to wash a bean bag chair with a cover like this isn’t as easy as throwing it into the washing machine.

You need to be careful about how you wash the cover. If the filler inside is loose, then we recommend putting it into a trash bag carefully so as not to damage the volume of the pellets.

Then, if the cover is cotton, you can put it in the washing machine and wash it with cool water and a light detergent. Never dry your bean bag covers using a dryer. Instead, let them air dry just to ensure that they’re not going to shrink.

Over time, some covers can deteriorate in the dryer and that causes small little holes where the bean bag pellets can begin to spill out.

If your bean bag cover is made of any other fabric that’s not cotton-like, such as suede or fur, but it is removable, then you’ll want to hand wash it.

How to Clean Vinyl Bean Bag Covers

Vinyl is a difficult fabric to clean because you can’t really wash it. If your bean bag has a vinyl fabric cover, then you’ll need to be a little more delicate with it.

You’ll need to mix warm water and soap in a small bowl. Then, get a soft bristle brush and begin to gently scrub the fabric with the water and soap mix.

After you’re finished scrubbing, you’ll want to wash the soap mixture off with warm water. However, you need to avoid getting the cover too wet. There’s really no need to douse it in the water anyway.

Finally, you can wipe the cover dry with a clean cloth.

In order to let the cover dry without having it smell moldy, you can set it out in an area with lots of ventilation. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight as it could fade the color.

How to Clean Suede Bean Bag Covers

There’s not much to learn about how to clean a bean bag if it’s a suede bean bag. In fact, if you’re careful about how you treat the bean bag, it’s one of the easier fabrics to care for.

All you have to do is invest in a suede eraser or use a damp terry cloth in order to gently brush the suede cover regularly. If you have a metal suede brush, you can brush the fabric in circular motions to raise the nap and make it look nicer.

Doing this one a week or once every two weeks will help ensure that the suede stays clean and that it always looks fresh and new.

Finally, it’s great if you can find a suede protecting spray. Spraying it all over the cover will help protect it from stains and liquids.

How to Clean a Velvet Bean Bag

Velvet looks oh-so-stylish, doesn’t it? It sure does, especially if you’re using the fabric to cover bean bags that you’re using in an at-home outdoor cinema or for a special movie night.

They’re similar to suede covers in that they’re pretty easy to clean as long as you take good care of them. If someone happens to spill something on your velvet bean bag chair during movie night, then don’t worry!

Mix warm water with some very mild soap. Dampen a cloth with the solution and rub off the stain before it has a chance to set in. This works best if you rub in circular motions.

Then, let the fabric dry naturally. Once it’s dry, you can brush the fabric with a very soft brush in order to make sure it looks even.

How to Clean a Plush Bean Bag

Plush bean bags are probably one of the most popular styles for younger kids. So, you’re going to want to clean them regularly even if they don’t “seem” dirty.

While they might not “seem” dirty, if you have kids then there are definitely lots of germs on them that you’ll want to get rid of.

Simply use a damp cloth to clean a plush bean bag. Do this regularly to avoid letting germs and dust build up over time!

You can even vacuum the bean bag if you want to get dust, dirt, and crumbs out of the fabric. It’s best to do this before you begin to wipe down the bean bag.

Once you’re finished cleaning, find a hairbrush with plastic bristles and brush the fabric to even out the nap.

How to Clean a Leather Bean Bag

Finally, we’ve got the infamous leather bean bag! Most people seem to flock to this style due to the fact that it looks stylish and elegant but it’s still incredibly easy to clean.

For leather, all you have to do is dust it regularly with a clean cloth! If you really want to, you can find a leather cleaner, but those kinds of products are really only for use with real leather furniture.

If you are going to use a leather conditioner, then you only need to apply it once every three to six months.

Finding the Right Bean Bag

Finding the right bean bag chair for your home, office, or any other space is important. You need to factor in color, style, fabric, and even size!

However, when it comes to choosing the fabric, you need to think about the kind of use the bean bag is going to get.

Then, learn how to clean a bean bag properly according to the fabric that you choose. This will help ensure that the bean bag gets a lot of use and that it stays looking and feeling new for some time to come.

Ready to choose the perfect bean bag? Browse our selection of bean bag chairs and see what looks good.

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