Top 10 Office Bean Bag Chair Choices For Coworking Spaces

office bean bag chair Your office numbers reflect a drop in productivity in the past few months. This is something that can happen when your workers are stressed out, in pain, or not motivated to do their jobs.

What if we told you a bean bag could be the solution to not one of these problems, but all of them?

Placing bean bag chairs throughout the office helps increase productivity for tech giants and creates an environment where teamwork is encouraged. To help get more motivated employees, keep reading to see our top 10 selections for an office bean bag chair.

What Is an Office Bean Bag Chair and Why Should You Consider Getting One

Bean bag chairs can be for leisure in the home and help with productivity in the office. An office bean bag chair is a regular bean bag that you place within your office to provide comfort to your employees.

Having bean bags in the office has proven to increase productivity and help with health problems such as back pain, carpal tunnel, obesity, and heart disease. Placing bags throughout the workspace will help your employee’s overall health and help them not get burnt out on the job.

Bean bag uses can be anything from replacing an office chair at a desk to replacing chairs in a conference room. They are used to make the workspace more comfortable and more team-friendly for your workers. Office bean bags will help you to have happier workers while improving their health.

There are hundreds of bean bag chairs on the market and we know finding the perfect one for your office can be overwhelming. We have put together a top ten list to make finding the perfect chair easy.

1. 6-Foot Bean Bag Chair

When it comes to bean bag chairs you may be thinking of the small ones you had when you were little. Now you’re bigger and you need a bean bag that will fit your body!

6-foot bean bags are great for a communal space in the workplace. They can accommodate multiple workers. This is great for increasing your teamwork efficiently because workers will be able to sit comfortably side by side and get projects done.

It’s ideal to have one or two of these large office bean bags in an open office layout or even the reception area. This bean bag will encourage productivity while providing comfort.

2. A Stylish Bean Bag to Accent Your Office

Maybe you’re waiting on getting a bean bag because you feel like it will mess up the aesthetic of your office. We are here to tell you that you can get bean bags with style.

Bean bags can come in many colors and finishes. If a black cloth bag isn’t right for your office, try looking at a pink velvet one. There is a bean bag for every color scheme and office type.

These bean bags can even come with softer foam to ensure back support and no sagging. This will encourage your workers to use them and even cut down on carpal tunnel syndrome since they won’t be putting pressure on their wrists at their desks.

3. A Cheaper Bean Bag

You’ve decided that bean bags are great to improve your office setting and to accommodate your employees. After cruising the web you noticed that some of them can be a bit pricy. But what if we told you there are affordable options that are still comfortable.

The idea of adding a bean bag to the workspace is to make the office more comfortable for your employees and to encourage co-working opportunities. You don’t want to buy cheap and uncomfortable bean bags that no one will use.

You can find quality made bags for around $100 or less. These bags can be filled with beans or recycled foam. The recycled foam option is a great alternative. It provides a different comfort level than beans and will be your worker’s new favorite spot.

4. Try a 4-Foot Bean Bag

If you think that a 6-foot bag is too big, or won’t fit in your office space, try sizing down to a 4-foot bag. These bags are a bit smaller but still have room for more than one employee.

What’s also nice is that 4-foot bags can come in an oval shape. This makes the bag longer and lower than a traditional round one.

With this shape, you can find more areas to place the bag. Even corners where a traditional round bag wouldn’t fit could be replaced by this one to create a new office environment.

5. A Bean Bag That’s Actually a Chair

Maybe creating a co-working space with bean bags just isn’t right for your office. Maybe you don’t have enough space to create this area for your employees. If this is the case, why not opt for bean bags that are actual chairs?

These bags have a back to support your workers while having lower sides that appear as armrests. They can be substituted for normal office chairs. These bags can even be set aside in the office for employees to switch out when they feel as if a traditional office chair is causing aches and pains.

You can find these bags with a variety of fillings. From beans to foam, you will be sure to find a chair that fits the needs of your workers.

6. Memory Foam Office Bean Bag Chairs

Having a bean bag made of memory foam will ensure that it stays stiff to support your back and posture. Bags with beans will eventually move away from your back, providing less support, and meaning you will have to adjust it more often.

Having a bean bag like this in the office will help your employees ease their back pain. If they feel soreness from sitting in their traditional chairs, this bean bag office chair will help them to relive that pain so they can continue to work comfortably.

7. A Large Pillow Bean Bag

If you’re trying to create a comfortable and calm environment you can grab a bean bag that looks like a giant pillow to help with the mood. These bags are large, flat squares that are soft and comfortable to sit and lay on.

These chairs can lay flat on the ground or be positioned to sit up like a chair. This makes them versatile for any worker.

8. A Luxury Bean Bag Chair

If all these options seem to be too childish for your office environment, why not get a bag that’s more grown-up? Bean bags can come in many fabrics, including silk.

If your office is elegant but you want your employees to have the added comfort and accessibility of a bean bag chair, a silk bag is the answer. These bags look nice in any room and provide memory foam comfort.

9. A 3-Foot Bag Can Replace Any Office Chair

A 3-foot bean bag is perfect for one person. These chairs can be placed in a conference room for casual meetings, or even in the reception area to promote a laid-back attitude to guests.

A single bean bag is great to have for employees that don’t want to be too close to a co-worker. This will give them their own space while working with a team.

These bags are great to scatter around the office. When a worker feels stressed they can take their laptop to one of the many bags and continue working in comfort.

10. Extra-Long Bean Bag Chair

If you want to create the ultimate co-working space, look no further than getting an extra-long bean bag chair. The extra-long will be twice the size of a 4-foot bean bag and comes in an oval shape.

These chairs can fit up to four people. They will sit side by side as if they were sitting on a bench. You can place more than one in your office to create a co-working circle.

Which Bean Bag Is Perfect for Your Office?

We have shown you many styles and forms of an office bean bag chair. From bags that fit a single employee, to ones that can seat up to four, and even different filling options.

Now it’s time to look at your office space and decide what bag will fit it the best. Also, don’t forget to check out your employee’s needs so you can provide them with the best bean bag chair.

For more bean bag styles and options, check out our website here.

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