Top 14 Best Baby Shower Gifts That Are Totally Unique

best baby shower gifts When it comes to finding the best baby shower gifts, it’s important to understand the struggles a new mom faces.

For example, did you know that 43 percent of new moms get no more than 5.5 hours of sleep per night? Or, that compared to the average American, this equates to 900 hours of lost sleep per year?

38 percent of new moms spend three hours per day just trying to feed their baby. In other words, six weeks out of their baby’s first year of life involve airplane noises and zooming spoons through the air.

The crazy stats don’t stop there. 43 percent of new moms report doing at least four loads of laundry per week, or 192 loads per year.

And new moms change 5.5 diapers per day. That’s 2,008 per year.

New moms deserve a little pampering and extra help. Baby shower gift ideas should be both thoughtful and useful.

Keep reading for 14 baby shower gift ideas that’ll make any new mom’s life a little easier.

1. A White Noise Machine

You often see new moms and dads on TV tiptoeing around the house after their baby has finally decided to get a few Zzzs. But the whole idea of babies needing to sleep in silence remains a bit of a misnomer.

Babies need noise to help them fall asleep and stay that way. After all, they spend nine months getting accustomed to lots of ambient noise from the external world.

In the womb, they learn how to catch a little shut-eye while mom does everything from working to shopping to going to the movies.

But here’s the deal. After they’re born, this trick hinges on using the right kind of noise.

That’s where a white noise machine, such as Marpac Dohm’s Classic White Noise Sound Machine, comes in handy. It emits a sound like rushing air that’ll help little ones sleep through other noises like clattering dishes or ringing cell phones.

2. A Blooming Bath Lotus

The Blooming Bath Lotus resembles a cute flower but has a super handy hidden function. It can be placed inside just about any size sink to create a comfortable spot for baby to take a quick bath.

Made from a plush, padded material, it perfectly cradles baby during bath time. What’s more, it creates a cozy, welcoming environment where infants can relax and enjoy a bath. It’s one of our favorite baby shower gifts.

3. A Bottle Drying Rack

When it comes to the best gift for a baby shower, it doesn’t get much more functional than a bottle drying rack. While these gadgets can look a bit confusing at first, they represent a must-have item the new mom-to-be will use for years to come.

OXO makes one called the OXO Tot Drying Rack that fits up to eight disassembled baby bottles and all of their component pieces and accessories. It proves dishwasher safe on the top rack.

And, it has deep walls and corners shaped to make draining excess water a cinch. It also proves ideal for drying utensils, medicine droppers, and small dishes and cups. So, your friend will still get traction out of it well into the toddler years.

4. An Ergo Baby Carrier

The folks at Cuddle Bug have come up with an adorable baby sling made of a proprietary blend of spandex and French Terry cloth. It can be folded in a variety of different ways to act as the perfect sling as baby grows and gains weight.

Just hop on YouTube to watch the instructional videos, and then get ready for fuss-free carrying. Babywearing creates a strong bond between mom and baby while allowing her to work hands-free on other activities. And dads love babywearing, too.

5. A Baby Bouncer

While schools of thought like attachment parenting advocate for babywearing as much as possible, there will be times when mom and dad need a break from carrying around their little bean.

That’s where an infant bouncer comes in handy.

An affordable, colorful option is the Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer. It can hold babies up to 40 lbs and comes in a fun variety of colors. Most importantly, it boasts an 80-hour battery life.

6. A Teething Necklace (for Mom)

The folks at Ity Bity have come up with one of the cutest and most ingenious baby shower gift ideas—a teething necklace for Mom. Made from food-grade premium-quality chewable silicone, it’s a fantastic fashion item that teething babies will love.

The necklace is BPA free and contains no phthalates, lead, metals, or cadmium. It comes with multiple surfaces for teething that feel great on little gums.

Who said you can’t look trendy with a baby nibbling on your jewelry?

7. Bandana Bibs

When things start to get a little messy in baby land, your friend will appreciate a fun, fashionable set of bandana drool bibs. They come in a trendy set of three prints with stylish designs, such as flamingos, and they look adorable on.

Each one has a teether attached to help soothe infants who need something to sink their sprouting teeth into. Made from highly absorbent cotton fabric, they have adjustable, nickel-free snaps and work well for babies three to 27 months old.

8. Cookie Teethers

Bebe Cookie Teethers and Gum massagers look just like Oreos. But they provide all of the chewy goodness infants need when their teeth are coming in.

Each flower or ridge pattern on the cookie provides a different soothing effect, and they’re made from luxury medical-grade silicone. They’re also antimicrobial and free from phthalates, lead, cadmium, PVC, BPA, and latex.

One cookie is hard and the other one soft, so they’ll always be right for your baby’s gums, no matter what they’re looking for. And you won’t be able to stop smiling as you watch them “devour” these cookie-sandwich-like teethers.

9. A Stuffed Animal That Transforms into a Blanket

Chicvita makes an adorable plush toy elephant that contains a soft blanket. Just remove the blanket from the zippered pocket on the back, and baby has a cozy blanket to cuddle up into as well as a soft stuffed animal.

What’s more, the stuffed elephant can also function as a pillow. The blanket measure 59″ long by 39.4″ wide.

10. The Ultimate Infant Cover

One of the most bewildering parts of motherhood remains packing all of the right accessories so that you’re always prepared. You can help the mom-to-be by purchasing the ultimate multi-purpose infant cover.

The Itzy Ritzy 4-in-1 cover can handle just about any baby-related job. It functions as a nursing cover. It also works well as a shade cover that slips over baby’s car seat. You can put it in a shopping cart so that baby has a clean surface to sit on.

You can even use it as an infinity scarf. Now, how’s that for reusable?

11. A Color-Changing Protector

Instead of settling for a traditional night light, why not get creative and unique? The Aurora Night Light by Soaiy comes with a 360-degree rotatable light that mimics the majesty of the aurora borealis.

It has a built-in speaker that provides soothing music and sounds, volume control, and eight light projection modes. It also comes with an auto shut-off option after 60 minutes.

As infants watch the soft lights bounce on and off the various walls in their room mixed with the interplay of shadows, they’ll be naturally lulled to sleep.

12. Reusable Travel Bags

New moms can never have enough places to stash damp clothes, diapers, and a variety of other baby items. So, why not give your friend a set of reusable travel bags?

Just make sure they’re constructed of durable material, machine-washable, and water-resistant.

They’re an affordable gift that you can purchase in a wide variety of colors and prints. You can personalize them for the new mom by choosing her favorite hue or design.

13. A Pacifier Stuffed Animal Combo

Part of the juggling act that is motherhood is remembering to bring all of your infant’s favorite toys and accessories when you’re out and about. From pacifiers to blankies, leaving one of these precious items behind could lead to a total meltdown.

That’s why it’s a great idea to consolidate items whenever possible. That’s one of the many reasons we’re in love with the WubbaNub Infant Pacifier.

It represents the perfect combination of a beloved pacifier with an adorable giraffe stuffed animal that your little one will fall in love with. They’re already distributed in NICUs and well-baby units across the US and make for the perfect baby shower gift.

14. A Bean Bag Chair

When it comes to breastfeeding comfort, nothing beats a bean bag chair. They’re soothing for lower backs and come in durable fabrics that can take a baby spit-up session.

They look fab in a variety of nursery settings from classic to Scandinavian. And they prove an affordable, quirky option for a sitting area.

They come in a wide variety of sizes so that you can create a custom-tailored luxury experience for the mom-to-be and baby. And the right bean bag chairs boast high-quality construction and fillings that contour to the body.

They look great in an infant’s nursery and represent one of the few pieces of furniture that’ll transition effortlessly into a child’s room later.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts

When it comes to the best baby shower gifts, it makes sense to go with items that prove handy over the long haul.

From a white noise machine to reusable travel bags, a pacifier stuffed animal combo to a bean bag chair, these gifts have longevity. They’re also super cute and will make your mom-to-be’s life a little easier.

Interested in more gift-giving tips? Or, maybe you’re looking for a home decor pick-me-up? If so, keep reading for how to add color to a room without painting it.

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