What’s The Difference Between Microsuede And Microfibre?

faux suede bean bagsWhen you’re looking to redesign your home, you’re always going to want to find furniture that really suits the space. It’s a whole job. Choosing paint shades and flooring types isn’t all that you need to do to make your home come alive. Picking out the perfect furniture is a huge part of making a house a home. The right furniture adds character, spruces a space, and makes your home comfortable and feel lived in. And faux suede bean bags offer both.

No matter what room you’re looking to redecorate, or whether you’re doing the whole house, beans bags add a lot of life. With the right style, you’ll get style and comfort. But maybe you’re new to the world of bean bags and you’re not really sure what you’re doing or what you need. That’s okay because this is what we’re here for. We are experts in all things bean bags and can guide you through your experience.

We’re going to start with the style of bean bags and, more specifically, the material it comes in. Because, as you can imagine, bean bags can come in a range of styles, types, and materials. So, it’s great to understand them more, along with the benefits of the bags in general. Let’s delve into it.

Faux Suede Bean Bags

First of all, you may be wondering what style of bean bags are right for you. Bean bags can come in a range of different materials, including cotton, denim, and faux fur. But the one we’re going to focus on predominantly in this post is suede. Now, you may be thinking that suede isn’t the most practical of materials. But luckily for you, our collection of faux suede bean bags offers a better experience. Before we dig into the fabric itself, let’s take a look at why bean bags rock!

Why A Bean Bag?

Bean bags are a fantastic choice of furniture. They offer so many benefits in just one chair – can you say that about many other forms of furniture? Perhaps not. When you’re looking for a style of seating, you may often look at things like sofa sets or armchairs. As we all know, these are the most well-known styles of seating – but that doesn’t make them the best.

Both styles of furniture can be expensive and you often have to wait weeks, if not months, for them to be delivered. And those two facts are not always what you want to deal with. Most of the time, you just want something fun and pretty that looks the part and does the trick. And that’s exactly what a bean bag offers.

Bean bags are a ton of fun. They add a level of personality and intrigue to any space – no matter what design style you love the most. Whether you want something bohemian or you prefer something a little more casual, you can create that look with a bean bag. Now we’re going to take a look at the benefits.

The Benefits Of Bean Bags

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to say that you’re probably a fan of bean bags. Or, maybe you’re interested to find out a little more about them and you want to understand whether this style of furniture is right for you. Because of that, it’s handy to work through some of the benefits of them. Yes, bean bag chairs – no matter what style you go for – look fantastic, but there’s so much more to them than the idea of a cool bean bag. And here they are.


First of all, we have to mention the comfort. If you are looking for a style of seating that’s incredibly comfortable, you definitely need to go with a bean bag. This style of seating couldn’t feel any more luxurious – no matter what material you go for. When you sit down in a chair, you may find that it’s just not comfortable. But when you drop down into a bean bag, it moulds to your body. So it’s definitely a style of chair to consider when comfort is a huge factor.


Next up, the design. Because it’s undeniable that the design of bean bags is just fantastic. They always just look so cool. Whether you’re looking for a style to sit perfectly in your living space or something to shake up your children’s bedrooms, bean bags always look fantastic. Whether you need something formal-looking or something fun, you’ll find a style of design and shape that works best for you.

And one of the most fun parts about them is that they do come in so many different fabrics and designs, that you can make sure that you create the most incredible space at home, just by opting for the right design.


And then we have ease. When it comes to picking furniture, you could say that it can be a complicated process. Not only do you have to pick out the styles that you think will suit the décor you’re trying to create, but you have to make sure that they fit! If you don’t have a huge space, you can’t get giant pieces of furniture. And you have to think about window and door space and whether you can fit bulky items actually into your building!

With a bean bag, you have none of that worry. Zero! You can get it into most spaces and it’s always easy to bring into the home. Whatsmore, it’s easy to move around the house as well. Try it in one room and want to shake things up? Just pick it up and move it!


It’s also undeniable that beans bags offer a certain level of flexibility that other forms of seating don’t. As we mentioned in the last point, you can move the bean bags from room to room as you see fit. And it may be something that you do on a regular basis. If you want to take it into your office during the day and then into the living space in the evening, you can. But that’s not all.

It’s easy to see that bean bags are easy, but they can be easy in terms of the maintenance too. When you buy an expensive sofa and the kids get their dirty fingers over it, or you spill some wine, it can be stressful. But when it comes to a bean bag, they can be incredibly easy to clean and wash – making them a fantastic choice for your home.

Type Of Bean Bags

Did you know that there are different types of bean bag chairs? Maybe you thought there was just the standard style of chair and that’s all there was available. But that’s not the case. In fact, bean bags come in a full range of shapes, styles, and sizes. So this means that you will always be able to find a style of bean bag to suit your needs. No matter the room you want to style it in, or what the main purpose is for, you’ll be able to pick out a design to go with it.

Bean Bag Chairs

Starting off, we have bean bag chairs – this is the style that you may have seen the most. Bean bag chairs are exactly what you would expect them to be, bags that are shaped like a chair. But, you can find them in different designs, shapes, and sizes.


Sometimes, you’ll want a style of bean bag that looks sophisticated, is incredibly comfortable, and that can work with a range of décor tastes. Lounges offer exactly that. Lounge bean bags are a longer style, suitable for laying back in relaxing. So this can be perfect if that’s what you want a seat for.

Outdoor & Pool Bean Bags

Then we have the styles of bean bags that you can use outside! Yes, they exist and great for you if you love to spend time outside. Maybe you don’t like some of the more structured outdoor seating options? Then an outdoor bean bag could be perfect for you. Plus, if you have a swimming pool, then you might want a comfortable, stylish bean bag to float in the pool with.


Did you know that you can also get accessories in the style of bean bags too? This can mean that you can create an entire seating area out of a bean bag collection. Ottomans can be great to rest your feet on or as a single seat. So you can add this to your seating area for style and comfort. There are also cushions you can choose to complement the style of furniture too.

Bean Bags For Kids

From here, you’ve then got bean bags for kids. Sure, little ones could sit on a regular bean bag chair, but they could be huge and not all that comfortable for them. Instead, it could be that they want something of their own size – and that’s why bean bag chairs for children can be perfect.

Bean Bags For Dogs

Your family consists of many members – and dogs are often a huge and important part of that. So, maybe you’d even like to get a bean bag for them? Dog beds made out of beans can be incredibly comfortable. And you already know how versatile they are and easy to clean, so this can be a perfect combination.

Types Of Faux Suede Bean Bags

Now, you may also be wondering what kinds of faux suede bean bags we have to offer. If you want a designer suede bean bag, then we have fantastic options for you. The cocoon suede is a contemporary shape made in a quality faux suede fabric that can be customised to meet your needs. In a range of beautiful colours, you’ll be able to add a luxe look to any room that you choose when you opt for a suede look bag. Now, let’s consider the idea of microsuede in comparison to microfiber.

Microsuede Vs Microfiber

When it comes to breaking down the actual material, you may find that you’re not really sure what the difference between the different fabrics is. More often than not, it’s microsuede and microfiber that are easy to confuse. And it can be common because both fabrics can feel the same. So, what is the difference and does it really matter?

In short, you’ll find that microsuede is actually a type of microfiber. To break it down a little further, the term microfiber itself refers to fabrics that have a strain of 1 denier or less, which is the unit that measures the density of fibres. Most microfibers are things like nylon or polyester – both are very fine threads and create lightweight fabrics. They are often highly popular fabrics as they are easy to maintain and clean and are unlikely to wrinkle.

Now, onto microsuede itself. It is, in fact, a man-made fibre that is classed under the family group of microfibers. It’s a kind of polyester fabric that is made up of millions of microfibers. And if you’re wondering why it has its name, it’s because it does actually feel like suede. However, it’s much cheaper and is stain resistant, unlike real suede which makes it highly popular. So this is something to bear in mind.

Choosing The Right Bean Bag

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re choosing the right bean bags for your needs. It’s sometimes hard to know which bean bag to go for. After all, there are so many different styles. But, as you can see from our detailed listing of both the styles and benefits above, it should be simple enough to make your choice. Whether you want a chair or lounger, something outside or for the kids, you’ll find the right style of bag for you. Browse our collection of faux suede bean bags today and add the perfect design to your décor.

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