Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

How do I Open the Zipper?

Our entire range of bean bags are shipped with child proof zippers, in order to comply with USA Standards.

To open and close the zippers on your bean bags and the inner bag, you need to use a paper clip. By inserting a paper clip in the small hole that is usually where the zipper tab (handle) links to the zipper, the zip will release, enabling you to slide it in the normal manner.  Please note, when inserting the paper clip, that it needs to be inserted to release the zipper mechanism.  There is no need to use force or lubricants to make the zipper work.  If it does not open, it is because you have inserted the paper clip on the wrong side of the locking mechanism.  Please inspect closely through the hole where you insert the paper clip.

All zips are tested during manufacture and will work. Attempting to force the zipper open or closed will only damage it, so please do not attempt to force it open or closed.

Please ensure the zipper is completely closed once your bean bag has been filled. All our bean bags carry the required warning label, however it is the user’s responsibility to ensure the bag is completely sealed so that loose pellets or beans may not escape. Inhalation or ingestion of these bean pellets can be fatal, so please ensure your zip is closed before placing the inner liner in the bean bag.

Please note if the zipper has been damaged due to misuse, this is not covered by our returns policy.

Can They Live Outdoors?

Do not keep your bean bag exposed to the elements continuously. The atmosphere contains pollutants such as mould, mildew, ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. 

Do not leave your bean bags sitting on wet grass, mud, soil or damp surfaces for prolonged periods of time.

The outdoor bean bag range sold by Bean Bags R Us, is weatherproof! However, to get the longest life from your bean bag, storing it away from direct sunlight and moisture is recommended.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will reduce the life of the colour of your bean bag. The darker the colour, the more susceptible it will be to prolonged direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Leaving your bean bag outdoors will also expose it to pollution and dirt and dust. As there are usually many chemicals in the air we breathe, you may be exposing the surface of your bean bag to carbon monoxide and other poisons found in the air. Outdoor cushions, ottomans and beanbags should not be eft outdoors overnight so they are not exposed to rain and mildew.

Storing your bean bag in a dry place away from sunlight and preferably under cover will mean that your bean bag is still like new next summer!

Your white outdoor bean bags will get dirty when exposed to rain, especially in suburban areas where acid rain is present. Storing your bean bags when not in use will minimize the product’s exposure to acid rain.

Dark coloured bean bags, especially black, blue and red may fade more rapidly than lighter colours, so extra care should be taken when using these colours.

Our products are the highest quality available on the market today, anywhere in the world. The very thick 1680D Polyester is four times as thick as the standard 420D sold by most bean bag outlets. Therefore it has four times as much colour dye in it and will definitely outlast any other brands. Just remember, even the paint on a building or a motor car will fade eventually in direct sunlight! Our bean bags are made of a soft material, not sheet metal!  The material is treated with UV Protection and is colourfast.

How do I Clean my Bean Bag?

generalYour beanbag should be stored inside or in a shady area after outside use. They are not for permanent outdoor use or for permanent storage.

- Try to limit the time of sun exposure in order to prevent your bean bag from color fading.

- Limit the time of exposure to humidity & dry them properly to prevent mold.

- Make sure you dry your bean bag properly after contact with water.

- Please refrain from using your bean bag in the pool as the chlorine may react with the materials & damage them.

- Floating bean bags should be removed from the water after use and the water drained. It is best to then allow them to dry with fresh air and sun shine.



- Use a soft bristle brush together with warm water and a mild detergent to remove general dirty areas of the outside cover.

- Apply mild detergent and water to the designated area and brush with a circular motion, then wipe clean with a dry cloth.

- Remember not to use bleach to wash your bean bag outside cover.

- After washing the bean bag outside cover needs to be dried thoroughly before storage/use.

- The bean bag contains a safety zipper on the outside cover; it does not have a tab to pull. The purpose of this is to prevent small children from opening the bean bag. Follow the instructions to open the bean bag for the purpose of adding or removing filler beans. Take a small paper clip and slightly bend the prong outward. Thread the paper clip through the hole on the zipper latch. Pull the zipper open to reveal the inner cover with the beans inside.

- Only the outside cover of the bean bag can be washed. You can easily remove it from the inside liner containing the beads by undoing the child proof zipper.

Our Polyester Outdoor Bean Bags are not suitable for Dry Cleaning.  Do not Dry Clean your bean bag outside cover.

Our Polyester Outdoor Bean Bags are not suitable for Machine Washing. Do Not Place them in a Washing Machine. Machine Washing will destroy the bean bag & void your warranty.

Our Faux Fur Bean Bags are not suitable for Machine Washing and should be Dry Cleaned if required.  

General Information

When will I receive my order?

Your bean bags will be shipped from our warehouse in Brisbane, Australia by Australia Post. When your order is dispatched, you will be notified by email with tracking details.  Please let us know if you have urgent delivery requirements, as we may be able to accommodate these at additional cost.  

Back Orders can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, so please be patient. Please call or email if you need to know when your back ordered bean bag is likely to arrive or if you need a special order in a hurry. We can ship anywhere in the world, however additional shipping costs are applicable for orders outside of continental America. Please email your request if you would like a quote.

Do you have a Showroom?

No, we do not have a showroom.  We are purely an online store. This means your products will be delivered to you at the lowest prices because there are minimal overheads.

Do you ship Worldwide?

YES! We will ship anywhere in the world with Fedex and Australia Post International Courier.

Why am I having problems at the Checkout?

Our website uses the latest technology and may be viewed in most up to date browsers.  If you are experiencing issues when using the secure checkout, it may be because your browser is not up to date.  For the best experience when using our website, please ensure your browser is up to date with the latest version.  

If you still experience issues, please feel free to contact our customer support on 702-318-7532.

Please let us know if you experience any issues!

Bean Bag Filling

Where can we buy the beans?

Your local K-Mart, Target or Big-W store is the best place to buy the beans.  Usually these retailers sell 100 litre bags of bean bag filling for $12 depending on your location and the time of the year.

There are companies that specialize in selling bean bag filling online. If you are not located within easy reach of a retailer that does sell bean bag filling, then you might like to contact an online Bean Bag Filling supplier. 

Through online bean bag filling suppliers you can expect to pay more than three times as much for your filling. This is because of the cost of freight, storage and handling.

How Much Filling Should I Use?

The amount of bean bag filling you use is ultimately a personal choice. The more filling used in your bean bag, the firmer it will be. The less filling you use, the more comfortable it will be. However, larger and heavier people may want more filling. Below is a guide indicating the suggested volume of bean bag filling for each of our products.

This is intended as a guide only as you may like to add more bean bag filling, or less, to suit your individual taste.

Big Mama – 14 Cubic Feet

Big Mama Straps – 14 Cubic Feet

Billie the Kid – 7 Cubic Feet

Cappuccino Faux - 14 Cubic Feet

Daddy Cool – 16 Cubic Feet

Freaky Cousin – 7 Cubic Feet

King Kong – 14 Cubic Feet

Lazy Bro – 7 Cubic Feet

Relax Sis – 10 Cubic Feet

Big Boppa - 12 Cubic Feet

Malibu Day Bed - 16 Cubic Feet

Snow White - 14 Cubic Feet

Bean Bag filling is usually sold in 3.5 Cubic Feet packets and is available from Target, K-Mart or Walmart.

To ensure the minimal amount of waste and reduce the hazards caused by beans being blown around your home, we suggest filling your bean bag indoors in an area free of any wind or breeze. Cut of a small corner of the filing bag (approximately 4 inches), so the flow of the beans being transferred is not excessive. It is far easier with two people present – one to hold the capturing bean bag or liner open, the other person can then easily pour the beans from the plastic bag.

Rather than over filling your bean bag, test it with varying amounts of filling while you are filling it. This is much easier than having to empty the inner bag back into the plastic bag!  BEAN BAGS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE FILLED TO CAPACITY - This places unnecessary pressure on the stitching, the zipper & the straps.  PLEASE DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR BEAN BAG.


How do I Clean up a Spill?

So you took every precaution known to mankind when filling your new bean bag. But sadly, your living room now resembles a snow storm! Don’t worry, there is an easy way to scoop up the spilled bean bag filling from your lounge room floor!

The lightweight polyester beans that look like snowflakes are susceptible to wind and static electricity. When you spill them they can fly around your room like the wind! Using a broom or dust pan and brush only creates wind and causes the beans to fly further.

The answer to this dilemma is a vacuum cleaner! Make sure you empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner waste bag first, so you can re-use your beans! Hold the nozzle a few inches away from the floor or surface so that you don’t suck up dirt as well.

Always start with a clean surface before filling your bean bag. A Dyson vacuum cleaner or any other bag-less variety is the best choice!

If you are attempting to fill many bags, you may like to create a funnel by cutting of the base of a bucket or using a coca-cola bottle with the base cut off. Just make sure whatever you use is the same diameter as the spout of the bean bag liner you are attempting to fill.

If you spill your beans in a swimming pool, a standard pool cleaning leaf cleaning skimmer or leaf rake, attached to a pole. This is better than allowing the beads to enter your pool filtration system and potentially causing further damage.

If your spill is outdoors, use an outdoor vacuum cleaner rather than a blower, as a blower will only send the beads flying into areas where they are harder to collect.

Are Your Bean Bags Filled With Beans?

All our beanbags are shipped flat-packed and they do not come pre-filled. Despite its low weight, transporting beanbag filling is like transporting a refrigerator - it's not cheap! 

Bean Bag Filling is available from K-Mart, Target & Big-W. It takes just a few minutes to fill a beanbag providing you use two people. 

Do You Sell the Filling?

The answer is, NO we do not sell bean bag filling. As much as we would like to, the cost of shipping 100 litre bags of filling in individual lots makes it too expensive. Additionally we would need a massive warehouse to hold enough bags, further adding unnecessary cost to the products.

If we were to sell the filling, we would have to sell it at a significantly higher price than department stores. We don’t view this as being fair or sensible.