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We aim to provide everything you need for total comfort and convenience, so we're excited to introduce our exquisite range of colorful, infinitely useful cushions and ottomans. Designed to complement our outdoor bean bag chairs, our latest line features a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to enhance your patio or poolside environment with style and finesse. Besides their aesthetic value, our cushions and ottomans are highly functional, well-crafted pieces of furniture that offer almost endless possibilities.

They're the most charming and comfortable foot stools you'll ever own, but our cushions and ottomans have much more to offer. Keep your valuables within reach and away from the ground where insects and splashes of water can cause damage. Order multiple poufs to use as kid-size chairs around one of our large ottomans. Your little ones will love having their own comfy outdoor table and chairs for games and meals. Poufs are perfect seats for small children, and adults can easily share a spacious ottoman. Guests of all ages will find the plush softness of bean bag furniture irresistible.

An ottoman or cushions is a quick and effective fix for boring decor or excess space. Choose a shade to match your existing outdoor furniture, or throw in a contrasting color to add visual interest. Try round ottomans and poufs in large, open areas. Square styles are perfect for angular spaces or small patios. Mix shapes and colors to reflect your unique sense of style. Both ottomans and cushions are lightweight and easy to toss into a corner when they're not in use, so they'll never be in your way.

Like all of our outdoor products, our ottomans and cushions are designed to endure both natural elements and enthusiastic pets and kids. Their covers are made from tough, durable materials and antimicrobial- treated fabrics that resists tears, scratches, water, mold, mildew and damaging UV rays. With minimal care, your product will look and perform perfectly year after year.

If you own a business or run an organization that you'd like to promote, have your company logo or image of your choice screen-printed onto your ottoman or cushion to create your own perpetual marketing tool. Ottomans and cushions work well in many commercial settings including company meetings, sports events, restaurants, hotels, resorts and more. Wherever you use your new bean bag accessories, they'll capture everyone's attention. Order your new ottomans and cushions today, and discover how exterior style and functionality can work hand-in-hand.