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Portsea Premium

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The Portsea Premium bean bag pool float is the perfect addition to your home or resort pool this summer. As one of our largest bean bag pool floats, this stylish product provides the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. The Portsea Premium bean bag pool float is made from high-quality Olefin, a fabric that is soft enough for everyday use and robust enough to use in swimming pools and outdoor areas. With a range of colors available to choose from and the inclusion of easy washing and drying features, the Portsea Premium bean bag pool float will help you spend more time in the water this summer.

Style and comfort

Our bean bag pool float provides the perfect combination of sophisticated style and practical functionality. After all, you don't just want to relax by the pool this summer, you want to look good while you do it. The Portsea Premium bean bag pool float features a bold stripe design and comes in a range of distinctive colors. Whether you want a minimal modern look or something inspired by the colors of the ocean, you can choose between black or navy blue. If you're considering these bean bags for a resort or large commercial environment, it's easy to mix and match colors for a fun and vibrant look.

While lots of attention has been given to the style and color combinations of these bean bags, above all else, we take pride in producing comfortable and functional bean bag solutions. Unlike some of the polyester outdoor bean bags made by other companies, this product doesn't sweat in the sun and is perfect for outdoor naps. 

Practical product features

The Portsea Premium bean bag pool float has been designed with a number of innovative features that make it easy to wash and dry. A texlin drain fabric is included to allow for easy drying and increased product longevity, along with a stainless steel eyelet for easy hanging and drying in the sun. This entire bean bag pool float has been made to last, with the main olefin fabric treated so it will resist microbes and won't fade in the sun.

Delivery and customer service

Here at Boss Bean Bags, we're proud to offer a one-year warranty on all of our bean bag pool floats and other products. We also provide a wide range of shipping options to suit your residential and commercial needs, including worldwide shipping, same day dispatch, and overnight express on our entire product range. If you're looking for the perfect excuse to spend more time in the water this summer, this amazing pool float is a great addition to any home or resort environment.

Product Description

  • This bean bag pool float is suitable for Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Can be used as a traditional beanbag when not on the water
  • Can be used in salt water & chlorinated water
  • Beans: All of our bean bags are shipped flat without filling.
  • Filling: Requires 12 Cubic Feet of Standard Bean Bag Filling. 
  • Filling: Available from K-Mart, Target or Walmart
  • Material: Olefin
  • Drain Fabric: Texlin
  • Colour Fastness to Light: Grade 7-8
  • UVPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor): 50+
  • Antimicrobial Treated: Yes
  • Filled dimensions: 55 x 67 x 10 inches
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Complies with Australian Standards: Yes
  • Complies with United States Standards: Yes





Colorfastness to Artificial Weathering

(BS EN ISO 105-B04) - max 8


Colorfastness to Rubbing

(EN ISO 105-X12)








Colorfastness to Chlorinated Pool Water 

(BS EN-ISO 105 E03) - max 5


Colorfastness to Sea Water

(BS EN-ISO 105 E02) - max 5


Soil Release

(AATCC 130)


Dimensional Stability to Washing

(EN ISO 6330)









(ASTM G53-96) - American Standard (Hours)


Pilling Resistance

(EN ISO 12945-2) - max 5 after 2,000 rubs


Seam Slippage

(prEN ISO 13936-2)


Tear Strength

(EN ISO 13937-3)


Tensile Strength

(EN ISO 13934-1)


Water Repellency

(AATCC Test Method 22-2005) - max 100



(BS EN 1021-1, 2006 Cigarette)


Anti Mildew

(AATC 147 : 2011 & 30 : 2004)


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  • Ensure the Chlorine Levels In Your Pool are within Normal Levels
  • Remove from Pool when Not In Use
  • Hose off any Salt Water or Chlorinated Water After Use
  • To avoid mildew keep your beanbag clean and dry completely before storing
  • Ensure all the beans are dry prior to Storing
  • DRY In Direct Sunlight
  • SPOT CLEAN with a damp cloth mild detergent 
  • DO NOT use products containing bleach
  • DO NOT Store When Wet
  • DO NOT soak, tumble dry, bleach or dry clean
  • DO NOT Leave Your Pool Bean Bag Soaking In Chlorinated Water Continuously
  • DO NOT Hang Product on Glass Pool Fences, as this will create the perfect breeding ground for mould
  • DO NOT Hang Product from eyelet when wet; the eyelet is not designed to carry the weight of a waterlogged beanbag
  • Mould and Mildew are not covered by warranty, as these are a result of misuse 

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